Ever wondered how experts can determine what your injury is and how to prevent it?

The biomechanical analysis looks at the biology of the mechanics of humans moving – it is the science of motion. Understanding how the body works and how injuries are caused are crucial for preventing future injury – paramount for both athletes and in normal day to day life.

Our expert chiropractics can examine multiple aspects of movement

– whether that be static measurements or videoing movement such as walking or running. The results will be examined and analysed to identify problems that could predispose you to a trip to the sports injury clinic Worthing.

Once the root cause of the problem has been identified, a tailor-made plan can be implemented to improve and prevent problems. This plan could lead to suggested exercises, shoe or footwear advice or a course of physiotherapy with our team.

From the little niggles to the major pains, at Richmond Clinic, we can help.