Gait Analysis

The study of human motion… Ever wondered how your walking affects your body? Gait analysis holds all the answers.

Gait analysis looks at how you walk or run, relying on sensors, an observation by our experts and 2D and 3D visual images. The distribution of the pressure that occurs as you walk, alongside other data, helps our experts to identify any biomechanical or medical problems such as fallen arches, bunions, hammertoes and Morton’s neuroma.

The report is then sent off to our specialist orthotic laboratory for recommendations.

These corrections to your feet at our foot clinic Worthing will strengthen the correct alignment of your body, thus reducing pain and other problems.

Corrections could include methods such as tailor-made insoles and orthopaedic insteps for flat or fallen arches. At Richmond Clinic, we have our own specialist in-house orthotic oven that means it will be truly bespoke to you and can be adjusted to your needs as many times as necessary.