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As you walk across the pressure plate, thousands of sensors capture the distribution of the pressure that you walk with and place on your feet. 

Custom-Made Orthotics and Total Family Foot Care.

Custom OrthoticsFrom your steps, the 2D and 3D visual image of both your right and left foot helps the clinician to understand your faulty foot problems, including fallen arches, bunions, hammertoes, and Morton’s neuroma.

This report is sent to our orthotic laboratory, which will make your made-to-measure orthotic with a 6-month warranty.

If you have flat or fallen arches, we can provide specialist support in the form of tailor-made insoles and orthopaedic insteps. Slimline, lightweight and washable, these orthotics will help correct the alignment of the bones and joints in your feet.

Over time, your feet will strengthen in the correct alignment, having a domino effect on the rest of your body and reducing foot, knee, hip and back pain.

We have our own special in-house oven, which we can use to raise the arches on your foot supports. We can adjust your orthotics as many times as necessary while your feet rediscover their proper alignment.

Client testimonial"I am a diabetic and have been coming to the clinic for regular check-ups about every 6-8 weeks. Carol is always pleasant, gentle, and caring, treating my painful corns and calluses. I had a GaitScan to measure my foot pressure and the prescription insoles are far more comfortable than the hard ones I had from the hospital."