Scans & X-ray

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Getting the diagnosis right makes all the difference. Our integrated healthcare team can provide the right scans and X-rays to rule out pathology, identify the area and extent of wear and tear, locate the calcific deposits in joints, discs or tendons, detect the amount of osteoporosis in your spine, and help identify and locate inflammation to your spinal nerves. This assists our clinicians to provide the best, most accurate treatment for you.

Thermographic Spinal Scan

We are one of just seven UK clinics with a digital thermographic scan.

This machine measures how your spinal nerves are working, producing a printout so that we can see straight away if your pain is caused by malfunctioning nerves.

Thermographic scans work by infrared sensors that measure the difference of temperature on both sides of your spine. Higher readings indicate and locate exactly where the inflammation is, which helps us to accurately treat the underlying cause of your discomfort and format the right treatment for you.

24-Hour X-RAY Diagnosis

Our in-house X-ray department is one of the many reasons we receive referrals from local GPs and consultants. If your GP has recommended an X-ray for you, we can release the report to your GP within 24 hours. X-rays provide a useful tool to identify the underlying cause and pathologies to assist in your treatment. They reveal curvature to your spine, identify joint problems, locate fractures, identify the extent of wear and tear, reveal disc degeneration, identify the integrity of your joints, and rule out other pathologies to help provide the best treatment. We’ll measure you before conducting the X-ray, to minimise your exposure.

Computerised Insight SEMG Scans

The Insight Scanning System is a comprehensive, 99.8% accurate series of diagnostic tests of your spine and nerves. All the tests are non-invasive. Your clinician will decide which tests are needed based on your initial examination and consultation.

The various tests assess the difference in temperature on each side of your spine, especially the muscle and nerve activity (conductivity) in your back. It measures electrical activity generated by muscle cells, while the thermal scan measures radiating temperature on your back. SEMG scan is safe to perform on infants, pregnant females and pre-teens, as abnormal muscle activity is usually present before spinal changes of growing children occur.

Further Tests

We monitor your diet and help you with dietary advice to eliminate or increase certain food types to get you back on track, reduce inflammation to joints and improve your flexibility.
We provide urine analysis to rule out other conditions. We can refer you for MRI or CT scans as indicated to BMI Goring Hall Hospital.

Digital Gaitscan

Our foot clinic provides GaitScan Analysis, to measure the pressure that you walk with under your foot. We can do both moving (dynamic) and standing still (static) scans.

As you stand on or walk across the pressure plate, thousands of sensors capture the distribution of the pressure of your foot. From your step, the computer displays a 2D and a 3D visual representation of how you walk. From that, we can see where you are putting too much or too little pressure whilst you walk.

The information from the report will be sent to our Orthotics Group laboratory, where the orthotics are manufactured. All prescription orthotics carry a six-month warranty.