Proprioception and balance exercises

The human body is a wonderful and marvellous feat of nature, with specialised elements for all aspects of our survival, such as balance and the sensation of movement. 

Proprioception is the innate ability of our bodies to understand where we are within space or within the environment, through a constant feedback loop in your nervous system.

It enables the subconscious movement. Without it, stubbed toes would be far more common and injuries could be far more severe. Your proprioception can be impaired when injured, such as ligament sprains. 

What if your proprioception needs some improvement?

Balance exercises are designed with you in mind, to teach your body to retrain your natural balance and proprioceptive reactions from a conscious thought process to a subconscious reaction. The balance exercises will be tailored to improve your proprioception feedback circle and could improve your mobility, joint position and stability, and reduce the risk of injury.