1-2-1 Stretch Class and Sports Massage Worthing

Feel renewed and revitalised, whilst you naturally relax your body with our 1-2-1 stretch class and sports massage Worthing. Not only will these classes and sessions help you physically, but they are also beneficial for soothing the mind too.

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Sports and Deep Tissue Massage Worthing

Is your body moving as it should? Are you suffering from back ache, shoulder and neck stiffness? We are all leading more sedentary lifestyles, spending more time hunched over our desks, computer screens and mobile phones. Eventually this takes a toll on our muscles leafing to poor posture and symptoms which could benefit from a chiropractor Worthing. Active sports advocates sustain repetitive stress injuries on over-trained areas leading to repetitive muscle tension and injuries that cause pain. In turn, this leads to shortening their training time! One session in our sports injury clinic Worthing each week for a half hour to 45 minute session in our 1-21 stretch class will improve muscle tone, flexibility, and improve joint mobility, prevent further injury and speed up recovery from intense physical activity, so you can resume the sport you love.

Stretching is something we should all do ourselves-often avoid it. Being stretched by another person, you will notice being stretched further than doing it by yourself, assisting to lengthen your muscles and improve tone and flexibility. Quick effective treatment in our 1-2-1 stretch class and you will notice the ‘feel-good-factor’ straight away.

In our 1-2-1 stretch class, we coax each of your muscles and joints into a state of deep relaxation. Once your body learns this relaxed state, it will be easier to revisit, making it less likely that your tension or pain will build up again.

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Foot Massage

Do you have aching, sore feet? Are you standing a lot at work or on your feet all day? Why not try our relaxing foot massage to soothe away the soreness, which is only a half hour appointment, so you can get back to your busy day to day life.

A foot massage is usually performed on the feet to relax the reflex points to aid the body to heal naturally. It's often used following illness, stress or injury, all of which block vital energy pathways. The treatment restores and maintains the body's natural equilibrium. Why not book an appointment at our foot clinic Worthing.

Dry Needling

This technique involves using small acupuncture needles to treat myofascial trigger points resulting from shoulder, elbow, wrist, back pain, knee or hip usually due to muscular syndrome. The goal of dry needling therapy is to produce a muscular twitch and subsequent relaxation of the painful area. You may feel tired and slightly dizzy after treatment (1-3%) from the release of natural endorphins as a result of relaxing therapeutic effect.

Sports Massage Worthing

Our sports massage Worthing works on target areas of pain and discomfort, releasing soft tissue stiffness, muscle aches and joint stiffness. If you attend our sports injury clinic Worthing, you will feel relaxed and renewed after your half hour sports massage Worthing by one of our experienced team.

Therapeutic effects of 1-2-1 stretch class and sports massage Worthing:

• Stimulates peripheral circulation

• Aids relaxation

• Relieves stress

• Breaks down muscle tension

• Improves Lymphatic Drainage 

If you would like to find out more information about our stretch class or sports massage Worthing, don’t hesitate to contact our professional and qualified team, today.


Stretch Class and Sports Massage Frequently Asked Questions

What is a 1-2-1 stretch class?

A weekly session which speeds up recovery from any intense exercise, improving your muscle tone, flexibility and joint mobility to allow your body to carry on with your sport. Being stretched by another person pushes your body further than any stretches of your own.

Does dry needling hurt?

In a similar way to the ache you feel after an intense gym session, you may feel some soreness at the location of the treatment. Your muscles will feel much more relaxed and relieved from the pain but also a bit bruised.

Will a foot massage reduce my pain?

A massage is great for improving your circulation and reducing the tension on your feet after standing on them day in day out. The 30 minute appointment allows the feet to naturally heal so is recommended after injury or stress.

Can a sports massage improve my performance?

The sports massage targets any stiffness or muscular aches to break down muscle tension and relieve stress. The speeding up of any aches and pains will allow you to be back on top form and recovered from any injuries quicker.