Holistic Therapy

Feel Renewed and Revitalised Naturally Relax Your Body.



We coax each of your muscles and joints into a state of deep relaxation. Once your body learns this relaxed state, it will be easier to revisit, making it less likely that your tension or pain will build up again.

Reflexology is usually performed on the feet to relax the reflex points to aid the body to heal naturally. It's often used following illness, stress or injury, all of which block vital energy pathways. The treatment restores and maintains the body's natural equilibrium. Why not book an appointment at the Richmond Clinic in Worthing.

Chinese medicine takes into account not only the disease symptoms, but also age, habits, physical and emotional traits, and all other aspects of the individual. Illness is a disharmony that manifests as certain symptoms. Acupuncture uses fine needles to stimulate the meridian lines of energy, thereby affecting the change in the balance of the body's energy, using yin and yang concepts to restore health.

It helps resolve the underlying causes of disease, helping you with all manner of problems, from lazy bowels and constipation to emotional and hormonal problems, to fluid retention, pains or cravings.

For an even more relaxed state, why not try aromatherapy? This can be combined with holistic massage for a more enjoyable experience that indulges all your senses. Feel harmony return to you. Aromatherapy stimulates your senses to reduce your stress, relax your tense muscles, and potentially even help fight certain illnesses. For a more satisfying way to improve your physical and mental health, try aromatherapy today.