Helping to treat a variety of high impact conditions, the team at our sports injury clinic in Worthing are extremely experienced when it comes to treating sports related injuries. Our aim is to reduce your pain, repair the injured muscle or tendon and speed up soft tissue recovery by reducing inflammation and promote faster healing, even when it comes to repairing small bone fractures or muscle tears.

Treating a variety of common conditions soft tissue injuries and various muscle/ tendon injuries, laser treatment at our specialist sports injury clinic Worthing speeds up your recovery and heals damaged tissues faster. Commonly treated conditions include plantar fasciitis, Shin splints, Achilles’ tendonitis, hamstring tears, hip bursitis and joint inflammation such as runner’s knee, frozen shoulder and golfers and tennis elbow. Our vast clinical experience and highly qualified team means we are able to help you by devising a tailored solution you your complaint. With fast effective results by reducing joint, muscle and other soft tissue recovery times, get back to the sport you love and avoid further long-term damage to an already injured area, preventing degenerative tissues changes.

Effective Treatment at our Sports Injury Clinic in worthing

At our sports injury clinic in Worthing, we use the latest medical Class 4 Laser and Low Level Laser which are designed to stimulate blood supply to an injured area, eliminate inflammation fast and heal injured tissues or swollen joints. Dependant on your specific condition and the best treatment protocols for your condition, your chiropractor in Worthing will use one of two possible modalities of laser therapy.

Low-Level Laser Therapy

The type of LLLT we use in our Worthing sports injury clinic will depend on your requirements, matching the power density and wavelength to your needs. The treatment uses a safe light source and unlike lasers used during eye or cancer surgery, there are no harmful effects on your body and we will provide you with protective goggles.

Class 4 Laser

Our Class 4 Laser is used for chronic conditions that do not respond to conventional care. The high power density setting is used to reach deep tissues as the wavelength can progress deeper to provide pain relief, stimulate injured cells and encourage faster healing of muscle tears and inflammation for faster pain relief. Class 4 Laser treatment is particularly effective for neck pain, jaw pain, back pain, chronic sciatica, knee stiffness, hip bursitis, shin splints, frozen shoulder and tennis/ golfers elbow where conventional medical treatments have failed. Our laser treatment is also popular within our foot clinic in Worthing, showing effective results for plantar fasciitis, heel spur pain, Achilles tendonitis, ankle swelling and calf cramps. It is also used to treat other conditions such as fungal nails, verrucae and small open wounds such as a leg ulcers and more long term chronic foot pain caused by gout, inflammatory bunions, Metatarsalgia and many others.

Natural Healing at Our sports injury in worthing

Laser therapy is particularly useful for speeding up the healing process for recent soft tissue injuries and leg ulcers including:

Sports Injury

What we help

  • Tendonitis
  • Plantar fasciitis (policeman’s foot)
  • Achilles’ tendinitis
  • Hamstring tears
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Tennis elbow
  • Hip pain
  • Joint inflammation
  • Jaw pain

Physical effects

  • Reduced Inflomation and pain
  • Speeds up soft tissue recovery
  • Promotes repair
  • Ideal for small open wounds
  • Speeds up recovery of ligiment, tendon and muscular sprains

Visiting the Sports Injury Clinic in worthing

During your first visit consultation and assessment at our sports injury clinic in Worthing, you will be booked in for a half an hour appointment and future treatment itself will last as little as 15-20 minutes. To achieve the most effective results and maximise recovery time, we recommend having laser therapy applied at least twice a week for LLLT and once a week for Class 4 Laser. Once we establish a diagnosis for your condition, the approach that best suits will be discussed to decide on the best treatment protocol to overcome your pain and injury. If you would like to book an appointment at our sports injury clinic in Worthing to discuss your injuries or symptoms in more detail and establish the best treatment for you, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our registered professional laser clinician.


Sports Injury Clinic in worthing – Frequently Asked Questions


Class 4 Laser therapy is used to manage a variety of conditions by effectively treating soft-tissue injuries. It is carried out at our sports injury clinic in Worthing using a light source designed to stimulate deeper injured tissues and speed up the healing process.


For the best recovery, we recommend attending Class 4 laser once a week and LLLT laser therapy twice a week. Each treatment usually takes around 15-20 minutes and we will work with you to arrange a treatment plan tailored to you and your schedule, making the process as simple as possible.


Using the high power density setting during Class 4 Laser treatment stimulates the injured cells to encourage deeper healing, reduce inflammation and repair the injured tissue quickly to alleviate your pain. This method has shown great results for tendonitis and muscle tears where other conventional treatments offer a surgical route.


Any recent tissue injuries or chronic ongoing soft tissue conditions can result in faster healing with laser therapy at our sports injury clinic in Worthing. The laser process promotes tissue healing and the repair of muscle tears or injured tissue quickly to reduce inflammation and alleviate pain, making it the best treatment protocol for the repair of ligament sprains, tendonitis, muscle tears and other soft tissue injuries.