Scans & X-rays Provides fast, accurate results and diagnosis of your pain and condition, helps your Clinician to determine the best treatment for you.

Digital Thermographic Scan

The scan enables us to measure and interpret how your nervous system is functioning. Two infrared sensors measure the difference in temperature on each side of your spine. Inflammatory ‘hot spots’ on the spine are recorded and a printed image produce to enable the Chiropractor in Worthing to pin-point exact areas where the stress on your spine and spinal nerves. Your skin temperature is controlled by the ANS (autonomic nervous system) which also controls your breathing, heart rate, organ function.

We are able to localise joint and nerve problems that cause painful bad backs by;

  • Measuring the difference in skin temperature.
  • Surface EMG: measures muscle activity in your spine muscles, nerve test
  • Movement: records movement of your spine joints

The results of the five tests provide a wellness score out of 100. The higher the score the better your nerve and spine function.

24 Hour Digital X-ray Diagnosis or plain Radiographs

X-rays may be necessary to rule out pathology, taken when clinically justified. Revealing the structure and integrity of your spine, joints, nerve space, disc damage, type of arthritis, bone quality- osteoporosis or congenital defects or rule out fractures.

We can arrange a referral for MRI Scans if indicated


Digital MSK-Sonographs

Musculoskeletal ultrasound provides quick, accurate dynamic evaluation which provides visual soft tissue damage, nerve impingement, fracture, calcified tendons that sometimes cannot be seen or missed on an x-ray

Gait Scans

You walk on a pressure plate thousands of sensors measure the distribution of weight you walk with each and place on your feet step. See the results straight away at our foot clinic Worthing.

  • Maps Foot Pressure: from your step, the PC displays a 2D or 3D visual presentation of both your right and left foot individually. Helping the Clinician and patient to understand the way you are walking, detect foot dysfunction due to a foot condition such as diabetes, fallen arches, bunions, hammertoes, Morton’s neuroma or even disturbance of foot growth due to polio.
  • Prints a Report
  • Determines the need for Shoe inserts – information from this report of both standing (static) and walking (dynamic) scan helps determine the best insole route for you.
  • Selection: together we select your custom made insoles. The cost determined by the type of insole selected, your lifestyle, type of shoe, sports person or a medical foot condition. All Tog bespoke inserts carry a 6-month manufacturer’s warranty. Providing a repair service as necessary.

Scans & X-rays Frequently Asked Questions

Will soft tissue damage be picked up by x-ray?

Digital MSK (musculoskeletal) sonographs are used to provide a quick and accurate assessment. This method identifies issues that an x-ray would miss, such as soft tissue damage, calcified tendons and fractures.

Do I need shoe inserts?

There are many different types of insole so our GAIT scan is used to generate a report of your feet with instant results. The map can identify any feet conditions and allows us to generate a custom shoe insert to best suit you.

Why is skin temperate measured?

Identifying differences in skin temperate determines any joint and nerve problems. Your skin temperate is controlled by the autonomic nervous system which allows the Chiropractor to pin-point any areas of stress.

Do you carry out MRI scans?

We offer x-rays and radiographs which are used to show the structure of your spine and identify any damage, conditions or fractures. If an MRI scan is needed, we will organise a referral for you.