Extracorporeal shockwave therapy is particularly effective for improving circulation, encouraging new tissue growth and repairing chronic injured tissues, tendons and muscle tears to improve joint mobility. It is commonly used to help relieve conditions as frozen shoulder, tennis and golfers elbow, plantar fasciitis and even chronic sciatica. When you visit chiropractors in Worthing at our specialist clinic, the use of extracorporeal shockwave therapy is undertaken to promote and reset your natural healing pattern.

The process of ESWT shockwave therapy in Worthing uses high energy radial pressure wave (RPV) pulses which are delivered to the source of the pain. This method is particularly effective for both acute and chronic injuries as well as other ongoing musculoskeletal conditions, stimulating the growth of new blood vessels to promote a faster recovery of all soft tissues, nerves, muscles and ligaments tears, including bone and ongoing joint pain, especially for upper and lower limb pains.

Managing Chronic Pain with ESWT Shockwave Therapy in Worthing

When you get in touch with Richmond Clinic, the first step will be an initial assessment. This is an opportunity for us to get a thorough understanding of your situation and establish if extracorporeal shockwave therapy in Worthing is suitable for you. We are proud to be the only clinic on the South Coast to be able to provide ESWT shockwave therapy in Worthing at our clinic, helping you get the treatment you need with fast and effective results.

The treatment is particularly effective at relieving pain in tendons, showing great results for ailments such as jogger’s heel, heel spur, Plantar Fasciitis, Hip bursitis and calcific tendonitis of the shoulder or elbow where movement is limited or you are suffering from persistent pains. With the ESWT shockwave therapy in Worthing improving circulation and creating new blood vessels to the area to prompt new tissue growth, it breaks down calcific deposits and fibrous tissue adhesions which in turn reverses chronic inflammation and pain. This stimulates collagen production to encourage tendon repair, repair damaged muscle tissue and improves joint mobility, speeding up the healing process to enhance your lifestyle and help you become pain free.

The Benefits of Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy


Advantages Of Eswt

Non-invasive, may have some bruising
Out-patient treatment
No injections
No surgery
No risk to infections
Clinically proven to be effective
Quick recovery
Fast results
90% plus success rate
Recognised by NICE

Physical Effects Of Eswt

High intensity acoustic waves interact with painful tissue to:

Improve circulation
Encourages new tissue growth
Breaks down calcific deposits
Reduces fiberous muscle adhesions
Reverses chronic inflammation
Blocks pain
Stimulates collagen production
Encourages tendon repair
Repairs damaged tissue
Increases muscle tone
Faster healing time

The Process of Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy in Worthing

Following your initial consultation and examination, an appointment will be made for your extracorporeal shockwave therapy should the treatment be suitable for your condition. As standard, the course of treatment will be carried out across three to five sessions which each last between 20-30 minutes. This treatment is highly recommended by NICE and is particularly safe, with minimal reactions as there are no surgical procedures or drugs involved. Following your ESWT shockwave therapy in Worthing, there will be no unpleasant side effects, only partial discomfort or some bruising to worry about and you can expect to feel relief from your long-term pain within 48 hours.

The Cost of Shockwave Therapy in Worthing

Extracorporeal shockwave therapy is covered by all major medical insurance companies including Aviva, WPA, Simply Health and more.

Should you decide to prepay for all three of your sessions in one payment, you can expect to make a substantial saving for your treatment course.

If you would like to find out more about the process of ESWT treatment or arrange a consultation to get started with your extracorporeal shockwave therapy in Worthing, please get in touch today. Our professional clinical team are able to discuss your needs and recommend a suitable approach for your personal situation, helping you achieve the best possible results to eradicate your chronic painful condition.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does extracorporeal shockwave therapy work?

The procedure applies high energy radial pressure waves (RPV) pulses to the area where you are experiencing pain. This prompts the faster recovery of any soft tissue injury, nerve pain, muscle tears, ligament damage, chronic joint pain or lack of joint mobility. Following the ESWT shockwave therapy in Worthing, new tissue growth and repair is stimulated, creating new blood vessels to enhance circulation to the area for a quicker healing process.

Are there any side effects from ESWT shockwave therapy in Worthing?

This treatment is a risk-free procedure with no side effects following the procedure, only minor discomfort. With no medication or surgery involved, extracorporeal shockwave therapy is recommended by NICE, a safe way to eradicate chronic pains.

Does extracorporeal shockwave therapy in Worthing work every time?

For a variety of common chronic conditions such as sciatica, frozen shoulder, Achilles tendonitis, Hamstring tears, plantar fasciitis and Hip bursitis, it is the best treatment protocol when conventional routes have failed. The treatment has a success rate of over 90%.

Is extracorporeal shockwave therapy covered by my insurance?

All major medical insurance companies cover shockwave therapy in Worthing. The most common providers such as Simply Health, Aviva and WPA and many others are able to cover your treatment course.