Aftercare and Self-Help

When you leave our clinic with a broad smile on your face, your treatment continues. If you really want to keep well and lead an active, pain-free life, there are things you can do to consolidate your chiropractic treatment and speed up your recovery. We will provide you with a tailor-made exercise programme, advice on diet, and supplements to support your good health and well-being, so you can continue with your lifestyle. You can ask your chiropractor in Worthing about any aspects of your healthy living, and we’ll be only too happy to help. There are educational leaflets and orthotic supplies available at our reception to help you remain your healthy best.

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Nutrition Self Help Exercises

Staying mobile and pain-free is always going to be difficult if you don’t also try to exercise. As well as regular check-ups as recommended by your clinician, make sure that you spend a little time each day doing some gentle exercise.

Not sure what to try? We will advise you what kinds of exercises would be helpful for you, recommending an exercise that won’t overstrain your healing body. We have a wide range of educational leaflets at the sports injury clinic Worthing and exercise items such as physio band, wobble board, Sitfit, press ball, gym ball and Pediroller.

Client testimonial
I have suffered from spells of chronic and acute back pains for over 20 years without knowing the cause. Dr Patel told me that I have structural scoliosis and disc degeneration. X-rays taken at the clinic confirmed Dr Patel’s examination. I am and can walk 4-5 miles a week with my husband. I have learnt a lot about my posture and exercises, and occasionally get a stiff back after gardening, but no pains.
Mrs A. Lund

Your back should have three natural curves, at your neck, middle back and lower back. Your ears, shoulders and hips should all be in a straight line at all times, with that line continuing to your knees and ankles if you are standing up.

Bad posture can multiply the weight your joints are carrying, and increasing this strain increases the risk of pain and injury. We can teach you how to maintain good posture, especially important if you spend most of your time sitting or lifting heavy objects.

Client testimonial
I am very grateful for the excellent treatment given to me during these past 4 years and I have chosen to continue on periodic check-ups. After a terrible accident, I twisted my spine and developed a curvature to my spine called ‘scoliosis’, which has now been straightened. I cannot praise the team enough and thoroughly recommend it to friends. My very big thank you to you all.
Mrs P. J. Wells