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Your Total Foot Care needs

Your feet are under a lot of pressure, supporting your entire body whenever you’re standing up. Unfortunately, we’re constantly making it harder for our feet to bear this load by walking on unnaturally hard, flat surfaces in bad shoes. If the joints and bones in your feet have become misaligned, or your tendons and muscles are damaged, the pain may extend to your knees, hips and even your back. We can help reduce this pain if you’re already suffering and help you avoid it for the future.

Whether you need your corns or callus removed, have multiple verrucas, ongoing athletes foot, need a nail tidy-up or a Diabetic. Suffer from painful Ingrowing Toe Nail, sweaty feet syndrome or are Flat footed. The clinic offer Home Visits to Care Homes, House-bound patients or Hospital visits please enquire Call 01903 210175

Latest Laser Treatment for Fungal Nails and Verruca

These include in-growing toenails, leg ulcers, verrucae, and fungal nails. a course of four treatments required, after which a healthy nail will re-grow and any verrucae are gone for good. Laser kills the virus responsible for verrucae.

Foot and Ankle SpecialistsVerrucae and warts (HPV)
Leg ulcers
Fungal nails
Nail infections
Athletes foot (tinea pedis)
Heel pain

Total Foot Care
In our foot clinic, we will help to keep your feet in the best of health, making it easier to maintain your active lifestyle and carry on with your day-to-day life.

If you're struggling with your toes and you need expert help with corns and calluses, nail cutting, athlete's foot, biomechanical assessment, cracked sore Heels, thickened yellow brittle nails, chilblains, sweaty feet syndrome or diabetic foot issues, please call us as we're ready to support you at our Foot and Ankle Clinic in Worthing.