Your feet are put under a lot of pressure, going through a lot on a day to day basis. When we’re walking around the house, rushing to catch the train or heading off for a workout, we need to make sure that we are giving our feet the care they need. Walking on unnaturally hard, flat surfaces in ill-fitting or flat shoes that haven’t been designed to fully support our feet can lead to a variety of issues, which may require an appointment at a Foot Clinic In Worthing to help you get back on your feet.

Common issues include the joints and bones in your feet becoming misaligned or damaged due to wear and tear, bunions, hammer toes or Mortons Neurma when the pain can extend to your knees, hips and back, adding to the discomfort. When you book an appointment with a foot health clinician in Worthing, they can tailor your treatment plan to suit a variety of painful conditions including plantar fasciitis, hip bursitis, sciatica, shin splints, foot and ankle arthritis, bunions, hammertoes, flat feet and more.

Visiting a Foot Health Clinician in Worthing

At our Worthing Foot Clinic, we make use of the latest Gaitscans and laser treatment which can be used for a variety of foot problems. Our award-winning clinic has won the Prestige South of England Award 2020, so you can be sure that you are in the safest hands when you visit a foot health clinician in Worthing. Our foot clinic in Worthing is dedicated to keep your feet in the best of health, providing not only routine foot care of corns and callus removal, nail cuts and treatment for verrruca and fungal nails, but providing Biomechanical and Diabetic Assessments in order to make it easier to maintain your active lifestyle, minimising disruption to your day-to-day life with healthy feet.

Often resolving issues in just 3 to 4 treatments, our Worthing Foot Clinic has seen a huge range of outstanding results from different patients. Being able to target a variety of problems with our leading combination of advanced equipment and highly trained foot health practitioners in Worthing, some of the main conditions people present with that we treat include:

In-growing toenails
Small leg ulcers
Fungal nail infections
Athletes foot (tinea pedis)
Heel pain
Corns and calluses
Cracked sore heels
Flat feet/dropped arches
Sweaty feet syndrome
Diabetic foot issues
Biomechanical Assessment with digital Gaitscans
Bespoke insole fitting

Treatments at our Worthing Foot Clinic

Based on an initial consultation to provide a diagnosis of the issues you are facing, we will recommend a tailored treatment plan to help you achieve optimum results. At our Foot Clinic in Worthing, you may be recommend extracorporeal shockwave therapy, the best treatment for plantar fasciitis and Heel spur which can get you walking in just 3 short treatments. Another popular option is our latest Class 4 high pulse laser for tissue conditions from sports related injuries at our sports injury clinic Worthing. The high success rate of the high pulse laser treatment makes it a very popular choice for those suffering with painful inflammatory foot problems that are interfering with their ability to walk or run normally, achieving the best results after a short course of treatment with specific exercises to help you to get back on your feet at our Worthing Foot Clinic.

There is no need to be nervous when attending our foot clinic in Worthing; the nature of the treatment is non-invasive and painless and ESWT shockwave treatment is recommended by N.I.C.E. With no forms of oral medication or local anaesthetic required, the risk of infection or side-effects is minimal.

Book an Appointment at our Foot Clinic in Worthing

Our Foot Clinic in Worthing provides domiciliary visits by a foot health clinician who is able to visit your home, care home, or hospital if you have health or mobility issues. We are also able to visit those who are house-bound and unable to visit our Foot Clinic in Worthing.

To get one step closer to a pain free active lifestyle, get in touch with our Foot Clinic in Worthing to discuss your needs and book an appointment with a foot health clinician in Worthing. Our highly qualified team are available to offer highly professional and caring advice and offer a personalised approach based on your individual condition.

Frequently Asked Questions at our Worthing Foot Clinic


A popular treatment after all other standard routes have failed is a course of Laser treatment, requiring just 3 or 4 treatments at our foot clinic in Worthing to solve common foot problems. As the laser disrupts its blood circulation and collapses the blood vessels feeding the verrucae, the growth of the verruca is stopped.


Not at all, high pulse laser treatment is totally painless for a non-invasive solution but you may feel slight heat. Our laser technician in Worthing can reassure you that there is no need to worry about laser treatment; it has a very high success rate and is totally safe.


We offer extracorporeal shockwave therapy as a treatment for chronic ongoing conditions which do not respond to conventional care or medication. The short course of just three treatments is used to ‘reset the healing pattern’ and we can treat multiple painful foot conditions. The treatment delivers bursts of high energy acoustic energy which trigger your body’s natural healing response; from the first session, you should notice a big difference in reduction of pain and improved mobility at our Worthing Foot Clinic.


We want to ensure your feet get the best help they need to carry on with everyday life so offer home visits to those who are unable to attend our Foot Clinic in Worthing. We can visit care homes, house-bound patients or hospital patients so get in touch to discuss your needs and arrange an appointment.