5 Key Benefits of a Sports Massage

Massage can relax and loosen muscles made sore by bad posture, prolonged desk work and frequent use of laptops and mobile phones, allowing your body to position itself in a natural-pain free-posture.

With regular massage, the muscles are more relaxed and the loosened joints have greater freedom with trigger point therapy, deep tissue or a 1-2-1 stretch with your Massage Therapist. Elite athletes are great advocates of Sports Massage, helping them to recover faster after intense physical activity or regular training.

Unlike the name suggests, the benefits of a sports massage can also be enjoyed for those who suffer with other musculoskeletal conditions to ease their pain, spasms, cramps and other muscular symptoms.

Tight muscles cause a multitude of problems such as chronic back pain, poor posture, bloating, constipation, functional leg length discrepancy and sciatica, all of which can affect the drainage of lymph and build up inflammation of fluid in joints. The aim of a Sports or Deep Tissue Massage is to utilise professional deep tissue techniques which reduce muscular tension, break down tissue adhesions and improve peripheral circulation to ease any discomfort felt by the patient. The process of 1-2-1 stretching and assisted joint movement improves muscle and tendon flexibility, great for encouraging the muscles to work at their optimum with an increased blood circulation to the skin and a release of any muscle tension. When you visit an experienced Sports Massage Therapist or Chiropractor in Worthing, just a handful of the benefits of a sports massage you can experience include:

A tailored treatment

Dependent on the nature of your aches and pains, your sports massage will be individually tailored to you and your condition, how long you have had the symptoms and what activities hurt you. The different techniques of deep massage, 1-2-1 stretch, joint mobilisation or trigger point therapy can be focused on the specific needs of the body to encourage natural healing where you need it the most. For athletes who are due to undergo a course of intense training or have just completed vigorous exercise, the Chiropractor will establish your course of treatment to reach your personal goals.

More than meets the eye

As well as helping sport fanatics relieve the stress and tension of their exercise regime, there are various medical conditions which can be helped with regular sports massage. Those who are suffering with a recent tendon, ligament or repetitive muscular strain can book an appointment to feel the benefits of a sports massage, identifying the cause of the pain. Alongside this, ongoing health issues including poor posture, poor sleep pattern, headaches and back pain have benefitted with great results from regular deep tissue sports massages which reduce the muscle tension and improve mobility to the tissues.

Speed up recovery time

Following an injury or sprain, a sports massage can help to reduce the amount of time it takes to heal. The careful movements made by the professional sports massage therapist will encourage and speed up the natural healing of muscles, tendons and ligaments. After an injury, a natural reaction is to rest and avoid movement to the area, but the flexibility and mobility promoted during a sports massage can work wonders for quicker recovery and avoid long-term problems to related joints.

Increase relaxation and sleep quality

As well as physical benefits of a sports massage, enjoy the improvement in mental wellbeing. The process of a sports massage is great for relieving stress related hormones to help you unwind, boost your mood and encourage relaxation. By increasing the pressure on our bodies following an intense sports routine, busy week at work or daily mental stress, the body can get overwhelmed and have a negative impact on our immune system. When our body is in a calmer more relaxed state, you will notice a huge improvement to the quality of sleep and give the body the time it needs to recover fully.

Keep your blood flowing

As the assisted active movements together with a massage help the body to relax, the reduced tension naturally increases the peripheral blood circulation of the body. A strong blood flow will ensure that all of the nutrients within your body can reach the muscles to help them recover quickly, release and disperse toxins and reduce repetitive injuries occurring. This process is also great for flushing out unwanted products like lactic acid which can cause discomfort and cramps, especially to the calf and thighs.

Try out the benefits of a sports massage for yourself

If the benefits of a sports massage sound appealing, what have you got to lose? Here at Richmond Clinic, we have years of experience providing a Chiropractic or sports HYPERLINK “https://www.richmond-clinic.co.uk/treatments/holistic-therapy“massage HYPERLINK “https://www.richmond-clinic.co.uk/treatments/holistic-therapy“Worthing that is proven to provide some great results. We can offer you a session between 30 to 45 minutes which will be tailored around your personal needs, getting to know your situation and creating a treatment plan to provide you with the best possible results. The 1-2-1 stretch session aims to improve your muscle tone, flexibility and joint mobility to help you recover from any injuries or joint stiffness that you may be experiencing. The professional stretching techniques offer a range of benefits which leave our patients returning time after time so they can continue to benefit their active life.

If you would like to visit our clinic, do not hesitate to request an appointment to have a more in depth chat about your individual needs or contact us today if you have any questions or concerns.