Shockwave Therapy – Helpful for Chronic Conditions

Though shocking in name, shockwave therapy is incredibly safe, with little to no side-effects when administered by trained physicians. Shockwave therapy is delivered through high energy radial pressure waves to affected areas of your body in just 15-20 minute sessions.

Shockwave therapy has multiple uses and is especially helpful for chronic conditions. It has been proven to stimulate growth of new blood vessels and encourages the fast recovery of soft tissue injuries as well as affected nerves, muscles and ligaments. The shockwaves are designed to treat ongoing pain, which you don’t need to put up with anymore. Shockwave therapy by a Chiropracotor in Worthing revitalises circulation and tissue growth and its effects are noticeable in healing your body and easing your pain.

It can treat conditions such as Achilles tendon, frozen shoulder, lower back pain, jogger’s heel and more, with a 90% success rate at relieving pain.