What Do Chiropractors Treat?

The number of conditions chiropractors treat on the daily is extensive, helping people suffering with a range of different issues achieve great results. Being a great alternative to surgical approaches or ongoing pain medication, visiting a Chiropractor in Worthing is a natural way to treat a range of conditions to enhance your quality of life.

But what do chiropractors treat and will it help your condition? We discuss the top 5 conditions chiropractors treat to give you an idea of the capabilities of chiropractic treatment which could benefit you.

Chronic back pain

Most of us will experience bouts of back pain at some point in our lives, some worse than others. Back pain is one of the main conditions chiropractors treat on a daily basis, helping people get back to their daily activities without having to rely on pain relieving medication and heat packs to provide them with minimal relief. Whether you visit a musculoskeletal chiropractor to provide some relief from the nature of your job, your poor posture or a more serious medical condition, feel the benefits of being pain free and enjoy improved mobility almost instantly after your treatment.

Ongoing headaches

There are many reasons and at least 25 medical classifications for persistent headaches which may include dehydration, a poor diet, a lack of sleep and misalignment of the spine. Your chiropractor will discuss your lifestyle in an aim to identify the type of headache, potential cause of these and make any lifestyle recommendations to help you manage the pain yourself. We often get asked ‘what do chiropractors treat when it comes to headaches?’ and the aim is to improve blood flow to the head and neck which improves the amount of oxygen circulating your body tissues, relieving the symptoms of your persistent headaches.

Sports related injuries

Athletes are much more prone to bumps and bruises but in unfortunate case or overuse injuries, some find themselves dealing with a serious injury off the back, especially weight-lifters who extend their backs when exercising. Whether it is recovering from a recent injury or relieving the ongoing pains from intense training, the sport conditions chiropractors treat are extensive. A sports injury clinic is able to promote a speedy recovery by stimulating the injured tissue, swollen joints, muscle strains or ligament sprains. We treat these with laser to encourage the new growth of injured tissue by improving the rapid circulation to the area which speeds up tissue repair whether it’s a muscle tear, sprained ankle or tendon tears. For athletes who are undergoing a large amount of daily intense exercise, you can benefit from having your spine and joints checked to maintain absolute athletic performance.

Foot conditions

When asked ‘what do chiropractors treat?’, not many people would link feet with chiropractic treatment. In fact, poor posture, weight bearing, walking with a limp and incorrect footwear can play a huge part in ‘bad back’ issues and if not addressed soon enough, it can lead to more chronic issues. With your feet taking the brunt of the pressure during your day at work, daily exercise and even walking around the home, being sure to support our feet with the correct footwear can prevent damage to your joints, tendons or muscles which could potentially extend to the rest of your body. At our foot clinic, we are able to treat a variety of conditions using non-invasive treatments and get you back on your feet in no time. We offer gaitscans to check how you are walking and assist to improve this.

Limited mobility

A lack of mobility or living with pain can have a huge impact on our quality of life, preventing us from going about our daily life and limiting what we are able to do. Whether the lack of mobility is due to age or wear and tear of a joint or spine, the conditions chiropractors treat offer great results to improve your mobility and provide pain relief. By improving posture and improving weight-bearing, patients feel an instant relief from pain and reducing stiffness to muscles, tendons and joints. Following treatment, the ability to move more freely is often seen to lead to increased energy levels, better posture and even improved sleep and quality of day-to-day life.

Can chiropractic treatment help me?

If your condition is not mentioned above, that is not to say that visiting a chiropractor is not for you. There are a range of treatments available for an extensive number of medical conditions; tailoring procedures to suit the needs of the individual patient.

To learn more about whether the conditions chiropractors treat includes yours, contact the team at Richmond Clinic to speak to a professional. We are happy to discuss your condition over the phone and if we are able to help, we will book an initial consultation and examination appointment to establish the best possible route to help your condition.