Sports Injury

Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) is carried out using a safe light source, which has no harmful effects on your body. It’s not like the lasers used in eye or cancer surgery, as it’s designed to stimulate and heal recently injured tissues and swollen joints.

The type of LLLT we use will depend on your condition and the aims of the treatment, matching the power density to your needs.

For the laser to provide pain relief or reach deep tissues, we’ll need to use the setting for high power density. This setting works particularly well for neck pain, although we can use it for pain anywhere on your body. Our laser foot health care by a specialist podiatrist in Worthing is especially popular for heel spur pain, Achilles and ankle swelling, calf pains, and medical conditions such as fungal nails, verrucaes and leg ulcers, treating long-term foot pain where conventional medical treatments have failed.

The lower power density setting stimulates your cells, encouraging healing and reducing inflammation (which in turn reduces pain). This method is great for injured tendons or joint disorders, and can even be used to speed up the healing of small wounds.

Laser therapy is a very quick procedure that’ll barely take any time out of your day. The appointment will last for half an hour, and the treatment itself usually takes 15-20 minutes. For the most effective recovery, we recommend that you have laser therapy applied at least twice a week. We’ll discuss your personal requirements in your initial consultation, arranging a laser therapy treatment plan that works for you. Sports Injury Therapist Worthing and Laser Treatment Clinic Worthing